Health & Nutrition

Jasper ChefOur qualified chef produces fresh, home-cooked meals and snacks every day.

fruitThese include foods from all cultural backgrounds, providing children with familiar foods as well as introducing them to new ones and broadening their experiences of the wider world.

A lot of careful consideration and research goes into planning our weekly menus, which are rotated on a 4-weekly cycle and changed twice a year. Menus are planned with children’s dietary and cultural requirements taken into consideration. Our home-cooked meals help your child’s strength and development. Scheduled snack time takes place mid morning and mid afternoon with choices of milk or water and fruit being available. Whilst we understand individual children have their own choices and preferences, they                                                                       are still encouraged to partake  in the full and varied diet that we offer.

The social aspect of meal times is emphasised, with staff sitting at the tables with children in small groups in order to encourage conversation. The sharing of refreshments also plays an important part in the social life of children, as well as reinforcing an understanding of healthy eating.  The children eat together where table manners are encouraged through supervision.  Our Baby Room benefits from a custom made, multi seated table so they can sit together during meal times and enjoy the benefits through interaction.mealties

Before your child starts we will discuss with you your child’s dietary needs. We discuss any allergies and the appropriate arrangements that need to be put into place.  We also play attention to dietary rules of religious groups and cater for these in the appropriate ways.  A vegetarian option is available at all of our meal times.



Education is key to our philosophy and this is also included at mealtimes. Children are encouraged to be as independent as possible and are provided with cutlery dependent on their individual development, they are given free reign to do as much as they want whether that be pouring a drink, buttering toast or simply being enabled to feed themselves.