Tweenie’s 2-3 Years

The world opens up to a two year old and exploration is the key.

We have extensive resources for role play, small world play, construction, painting, gluing, collage, using scissors, pencils and books.  Your toddler will get used to listening for longer periods, joining in group games, sharing with friends and building new relationships. Social skills are developing quickly at this age and our philosophy is to encourage self-esteem, care and good manners in all our children.

Afternoon sleeps may still be needed and potty training may be appropriate around this age for some children. We are happy to help with this. Language skills are increasing daily and we have a wide range of resources from books, stories, music and more to help your child learn to communicate. There is time also for rest and relaxation, quiet times and snuggles. Whilst the day is packed with excitement and exploration we make sure children are well fed, rested and feel safe and happy.

Each child has a key worker who will make observations whilst the children are playing and carrying out their activities.  These observations are kept in your child’s Learning Journal, which is available for you to look at when ever you wish.  We also use these observations to plan further activities and experiences so that we meet your child s individual needs.