Pre-School 3 – 5 Years

Our Pre-School caters for children from age 3 and prepares them for when they are ready to leave for school.

Our experienced staff team plan activities that reflect the EYFS Framework (EYFS) for the development of Pre-School children.

Our aim is to create a challenging environment where there are opportunities to learn at every turn, including early reading and maths skills, mark-making, imaginative play and ICT (Information & Communication Technology), which are reinforced through what we call ‘purposeful play’. Through these methods the children can explore and develop learning experiences, take risks and make mistakes, think creatively and imaginatively communicate with others and solve problems.

Gradually we start to introduce a little more structure to the day, along with other activities such as baking (a great way of supporting early maths), using the interactive white board and taking interesting trips out. We build and encourage self confidence and an enjoyment of learning, so when they start school, they are self assured and ready to go.