About Us

JMNewtonJonathan & Michelle Newton established

Care 4 Kids® Ltd in the UK in July 2002.

Establishing and opening their own day care centre came about as a result of their own need in early 2000 to find a suitable facility for their then youngest daughter, 3 month old Ellé.  Having independent careers as a Child Protection Lawyer and Commercial Airline Pilot; Michelle and Jonathan always found it difficult to find good quality child care. They eventually settled on the “best available" child care facility they could find locally.  Then 18 months later, in August 2001, they set up a new company, Care 4 Kids Ltd and embarked on their new venture.                                                                                          Care 4 Kids opened their door on 1st July 2002

Read the history of Rainbow House.

Read the history of Rainbow House.

Providing good quality child care was and still is their primary focus, and the business has always been viewed upon from the “parent’s perspective”. Even today, Michelle and Jonathan still view the business with a keen “parent’s eye” and are constantly tweaking and making ongoing improvements to the business to stay at the forefront of Early Years Education.

We've Gone Stateside!Going Stateside

In 2014 the company took its first steps into the US market with a new and exciting venture.  Care 4 Kids took British Education stateside and in November 2015 launched Care 4 Kids Daycare in Eustis, Florida.  To say we have been well                                                        received is an understatement. Now in 2020, Care 4 Kids in                                                       the USA, is in its 5th year of operation.  

Our Mission Statement

Our aim is to satisfy the needs of each child and to provide:

  • The best choice of childcare
  • The best value
  • The best environment
  • An outstanding quality service that is second to none
  • Childcare to any parent that wants it

Our aim is to fulfill childcare requirements and provide an environment that children will enjoy.
To achieve this we will:

  • Provide a safe, secure and enjoyable environment
  • Provide an extensive range of activities to suit all individual needs
  • Provide highly qualified, motivated, caring and committed staff
  • Provide flexible childcare packages to suit parents needs
  • Provide a facility that guarantees continuity of care