Care 4 Kids believes that a uniform gives a child a sense of belonging and also prepares them for the transition to school.

Many parents like the ease of dressing children in a uniform and say it usually costs less than other clothing. Children come arrive at nursery comfortable and prepared to focus. They're not worried about what their friends are wearing or what their mum didn't let them wear today," 

Uniforms reinforce feeling part of a group for children even in Pre-School, "if you put a yellow or purple shirt on a child, he or she knows 'I'm getting ready for a fun day at Care 4 Kids'.

Polo Shirt £6.00

Polo Shirt

Jumper  £9.00


Cardigan  £9.00


Fleece £14.00


Hoody £12.00


2in1 Unisex Coat £20.00

2in1 Unisex Coat

Book Bag £6.00

Book Bag

Sun Hat £5.50

Sun Hat

3 Piece Combi £20.00

3 Piece Comb0