We are proud to be awarded accreditation in all four areas.

An oral health programme to help adults and children improve their oral health.


Smile 4 Life is an oral health improvement programme to help adults and children improve their oral health, whether you are a parent, carer, you work with children or a health professional.

Smile 4 Life covers 4 main themes:


Supervised Toothbrushing Programme


In partnership with Smile 4 Life, we are hoping to involve your child in our supervised tooth brushing programme.

Each child has their own toothbrush, which is replaced regularly and they clean their teeth once a day with fluoride toothpaste while at nursery, which has been shown to improve children’s dental health.  Untitled-1

The children will be brushing their own teeth under the supervision of the nursery staff who have been trained under the recommended guidelines.  This routine helps to establish an important behavior and skill to complement what you do at home.

To include your child in our tooth brushing at nursery we need your consent.  You can download the letter, including consent form, using this link.  If you would like further information regarding our toothbrushing programme please speak to one of our Oral                                                                     Health Champion Aqeela Patel.