Baby Unit 0 – 2

Our self contained Baby Unit has all the facilities for the under 2′s.

Within one spacious unit, we have separate areas for our younger babies and our more adventurous toddlers taking their first careful steps. This ensures both safety and comfort for each baby to explore the new sights, sounds and textures of the world around  them.


Our youngest babies are catered for in our large, bright conservatory area which has been designed to create a loving homely, calm and relaxed environment for tiny babies not yet walking. The older babies are located in the main body of the baby unit. This is a bright and stimulating area with an excellent selection of quality baby toys and appropriate age related equipment.

nappyareaWe have our own baby changing room to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and also a dedicated sleep room where your child can sleep without being disturbed. We encourage parents to discuss their baby's sleeping and feeding needs with us as well as their stimulation and development needs. Even at an early age, a stimulating programme takes place on a daily basis which includes, walks outside, story reading and singing.

The children are also encouraged to participate in creative play and we have a messy area for these activities including, painting, sand and water.