Health Tools

Birth-to-five Development Timeline

Birth-to-five development timelineUse this guide to see the milestones in a child's development from birth to five years old.

Having A Baby Videos

Looking after your baby video wallWatch videos about having a baby. Includes experts and parents talking about everything from pregnancy, labour and birth, breastfeeding, first aid and having twins.

Growing Up Videos

Growing up video wallWatch videos of teens and pre-teens talking about puberty, sex, love, peer pressure, coming out and being transgender, plus an animation of how the menstrual cycle works.

NEW BMI Healthy Weight Calculator

NEW BMI healthy weight calculator  BMI is good way to check if you are a healthy weight. Use our BMI calculator to check the whole family and find helpful information and advice. BMI is a measure of whether you're a healthy weight for your height.

Meningitis Symptom Alert

Meningitis Symptom AlertMeningitis is a very serious illness but if treated quickly most children make a full recovery. This symptom alert helps you to recognise the signs and includes a printable checklist.

Breastfeeding Slideshow

Breastfeeding slideshowPhotographer Isabella Panattoni was commissioned to produce a portfolio of breastfeeding images. Explore the slideshow to view the images and read what our volunteer mums had to say about breastfeeding.

Vaccination Planner

Childhood vaccination plannerGet a personalised, downloadable planner of your child's vaccinations, based on their date of birth. The planner includes all the dates their vaccinations are due.

Looking After 1-5 year olds

Children 1-5 video wallWatch videos about looking after your young child. Experts discuss potty training and childhood illness, and parents talk about their experiences of toddler tantrums and immunisation.


Baby Rashes: A Visual Guide

Baby rashes: a visual guideA visual guide to baby rashes from nappy rash and eczema to impetigo and meningitis.

Food Allergy and Intolerance Myth Buster

Food allergy and intolerance myth busterThis myth buster will help you separate fact from fiction and understand the differences between food allergies and intolerances.

Change4Life Activity Planner

Change4LifeKeep the whole family fit and active with this handy activity planner. Packed with ideas the tool helps you create your own action plan.

Childhood Illness Visual Guide

Childhood illness slideshowSee what some common childhood conditions look like, from warts and measles to chickenpox, tonsillitis, slapped cheek syndrome and warts.